Thanks for your interest in joining our community-driven publication! Below is the criteria for those wishing to submit. We’re always seeking new unpaid writers and artists of all kinds to contribute. The vibe of our work is kid-friendly, fun, and entertaining.

  • The Playn’at Toys Zine (Name TBD) strives to bring a breath of fresh air and a fun break from the real world for parents and their kids.
  • This is a new publication, so to get a feel for what we want the content to be, visit: https://blog.flipsnack.com/what-is-a-zine/.
  • The content will be a mix of handwritten, hand drawn, digitally rendered, and everything in between. Writers do not have to submit visuals but are encouraged to express themselves however they wish. There is no such thing as a bad drawing.
  • Our Zine will be published at the beginning of each month with special editions released periodically.
  • We are seeking content that is no longer than 600 words or one to two pages handwritten. The primary requirement is that the content be kid-friendly. The ‘best’ pieces are those that stretch their creativity and originality through various formats, from top ten lists and articles to short stories or poems.
  • Common categories include but are not limited to action-adventure, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, etc.
  • The amount of writers chosen each month varies based on the content submitted but there will be at least four slots available. Criteria for submissions vary based on the content submitted and the time of year.
  • Topics are up to the writer, though seasonal, episodic/reoccurring pieces, and things a little off from normal are always good.
  • The Zine will be printed in black and white and distributed at our store, at events, on our website, and via email.
  • Authors will contain rights to the piece outside of our publication but grant Playn’at Toys full rights to use in the printed Zine, on playnat.com, and on the Playn’at social media channels.
  • Artist/writer will get full credit for their contributions. Playn’at Toys requests the artist/writer’s social media usernames and if the accounts of these individuals are PG-13, Playn’at Toys will promote them at least once per publication.
  • Those selected will receive a small nominal fee since our publication is free. Opportunities to participate in paid side jobs for the business may be available in the future.
  • The editor of Playn’at Toys Zine is Frank McDade, Chief of Fun. All questions, comments, and submissions can be sent to him at frank@playnat.com or submitted below.

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